The Beginning

The Walk will be beginning in Albany at base camp – to ground and to settle for a few days, and to teach share and learn how we will be operating, and acting within the community.

We will have an opening ceremony on the Spring Equinox – the 22nd of September or New Moon on the 29th September – The beginning of the school holidays.

How we Operate

There are a number of workable structural forms which exist for dealing with large groups of people. Every day there will be a number of jobs, which different people will take on (dependant on the organisational structure we use).

The general every day routine will look something like this –

6.30am- wake up, breakfast crew make breakfast, lunch crew make lunch

Wake up, pack down tent and personal belongings, (unless you slept in communal tents).

Enjoy breakfast, and wake up activities. 

Head to Morning circle for debrief of day.

Start packing down camp, Walkers, begin walking, and support crew for the day, finish packing down, and drive to the next camp to set up the kitchen, the communal tents, to dig the shit pits, and make dinner.

There is the idea of having a rotation based group structure, in which each day a group takes on a different tasks on a rotational basis –  washing up, preparing breakfast and lunch, Camp set up and Dinner, and rest day. Each day, the groups rotate around the tasks.

Another format is that each night at circle, the tasks which need doing for the next day are assigned to whoever is willing.

For those with difficulties walking long distances, there may be opportunity for support vehicles to pick people up part way along the track.


If all goes to plan, we will have a couple of communal spaces set up at each tent – in which case, all you’ll need is enough warm sleeping gear and a mat. (If you’re ok sleeping next to people)

Alternatively, feel free to bring a tent or swag if you prefer your privacy.

Vehicles and Resources

The idea of these Walks, are for resources and equipment to be shared and collectively sourced. A lot of set up infrastructure has already been offered to us by the Great Walk Networking – the original Great Walk of 1988.

We have the possibility of borrowing the Great Walk Network’s truck for the walk. However there are a number of logistical issues this brings forth, and we’d need Great Walk truck-drivers for the entire duration.

An alternative is to use a couple of trailers, and 4×4’s to carry food, resources and water from one camp to the next.


We are looking to network and connect with as many local organic, bio-dynamic and spray free farmers for food.

We wish to support regenerative and sustainable farming practices as much as possible. We welcome farm contacts in this regard, and will always be happy to receive good quality garden produce as well as organic or biodynamic foods as contributions

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