Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

From our early meetings, we collectively came up with a number of dreams for the project. We then worked on them and whittled and chiselled them until we came up with a number of goals, and objectives. Detailed in full beneath.


To come together with a unified vision to protect our forests and natural environment

To bring together people from all walks of life, to build bridges between, and find common ground with, those who want native forests protected, and those who see them as a resource

To build our connection with Country and to create a strong sense of belonging within a community which listens to, accepts and values us. To come to a deeper understanding of ourselves, and our place in this world

To raise awareness of the issues facing South West native forests in WA

To inspire people to carry on ‘The Great Walk of Peace’ movement as a means to mobilise people and create long term change



To Connect with and Acknowledge The Traditional Custodians of the Land.

To make contact with The Traditional Custodians of each region we pass through, and ask permission to walk the land and be welcomed on to country

To consult the elders in regards to respecting country, spirit, and the dreamtime

To endeavour to create a space in which all people feel welcome

To Create a Safe, Supportive, and Inclusive Community

To Implement the most effective structures and methods to maintain a free flowing harmonious community, which endeavours for sustainability on every level

To create a strong and flexible platform, with regular sharing circles, community activities and celebrations throughout the walk

To host community events before and throughout the walk, to build up the network, and to begin creating the culture we wish to embody

To integrate music into the structure of the walk, encouraging all involved to share in singing

To Educate and Raise Awareness of the Forestry Industries practises, and other issues relating to the Environment in WA

To Organise discussion forums to discuss the matters concerned with environment and industry in a space of peace, and listening, where representatives from many different fields can come together and be heard

To invite industry professionals, scientists and experts as well as farmers, to speak with us regarding the forestry industry, the changing climate, dieback, salinity, old growth logging, the burn regime, the effects of phosphates, and modern agriculture on the environment, the loss of habitat for native species including the black cockatoos and other issues concerning the forests, and our environment

To Share Resources and Interact with Wide and Diverse Circles

To make contact with people throughout the SW region, by interacting with relevant groups, talking to people one on one, distributing posters, making appearances at community events, festivals and markets, and hosting community activities

To talk with landowners, farmers, and local people to ask for support, in the lead up to the walk. We will invite them to share space with us, to take part in or host workshops, civil discourses, and celebrations

To Connect Deeply to Ourselves and Nature, through immersion in the Forests

To allow ourselves extended periods of time fully immersed in forest environments

To provide a space for self-exploration, and invite people experienced with initiation, ceremony and ritual, to host nature connection days, and initiations for those interested in exploring the self, and their place in the world

To Practise Peace, Share Knowledge and Cultural Values with the Wider Community, and allow space for Creativity and Originality

To hold workshops on Non-Violent Communication utilise effective methods of conflict resolution and invite effective mediators for civil discourse for peace

To structure and organise our schedule to allow time for creative expression, utilise the songs of the Great Walk Network, The Rainbow Family, and our individual creative abilities to create new songs for the walk

To host a number of celebrations to allow people to showcase their talents

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