Standing on The Shoulders of Giants



The Great Walk of peace grew from

the seeds planted by a movement

many years ago.                                                                                              

In 1988, the scale and level of Old-Growth Logging, reached a peak, as trees hundreds of years old from Marri, Karri and Jarrah forests were being cut down, and huge portions were sent to A Woodchip Mill, and turned into Woodchips.



In response to this, a group of dedicated individuals, came together with a unified vision, and organised a grand-scale trek from Denmark to Perth – over three and a half weeks – stopping at Clear-felled forests along the way.

 ‘The Great Walk’ movement grew. By the time the walk ended up at the steps of Parliament House, many hundreds had joined, and a Tree Charter was presented to The Premier Peter Dowding.


The Great walk, was a huge step forwards in raising awareness of the Forestry Industries unsustainable practises. Eventually, Old Growth Forests were protected, yet it wasn’t long before the definition of ‘Old Growth’ was changed to suit FPC’s desire to continue with Native Logging. The definitions made exclusions to most of the Forests with Old Growth Characteristics and unbeknownst to many, the  logging continued.

 Old Growth Definitions

The Great Walk Movement has continued to this day, under the name – ‘Great Walk Networking’ Twice a year, they host walks around different parts of WA, and there is an annual summer camp in their block of land – The Tribal Grounds in Nannup.



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