To Create a flexible, workable structure which acts as a base for a dedicated group of people to work together on creating change and raising awareness towards an environmental issue, whilst walking through the areas appropriately related to the environmental issue.

The Great Walk of Peace Centres itself around a number of central principles or Pillars –

Self Development

On a physical and mental level, the walks itself will present challenges for individuals to overcome. Walking being an essential pinnacle of being human- walking over long distances allows us to get back in touch with our true human nature.

The Challenges faced with unfamiliar environments, and exposure to weather gives much opportunity for individuals to develop their inner strength, face their fears and step outside their comfort zone. Also there is opportunity for individuals who are more at ease with the outdoors to support and help out those who are struggling.

Within the community, we collectively have the capacity to hold space for people to overcome challenges in their life. The idea of learning and sharing within supportive spaces and workshops on rest days and is an integral part of growing together.

Community Building

By implementing a flexible structure which is designed to provide a safe space for all people, and provide everything needed for physical and mental wellbeing; we create a space filled with joy, laughter, enthusiasm and solutions based thinking.

The Great Walk of peace is still in development, and at this stage, we will be working with a number of different structures for working within community, to find which work best. We will be looking at which ethos and codes of conduct fits best to ensure harmony for all.

Men’s and Women’s circles will take places regularly, as well as group singing, and regular sharing circles. We will be working with the principles of Non violence and Peaceful, compassionate communication with effective mediation to resolve any conflict that arises.

As well as this; the more circles the group interacts with as a whole – the more impact it can have across a broader spectrum.

To create a platform to allow creative expression to flourish, as well as group learning, and connection to nature is a big part of the fabric of ‘The Great Walk Of peace


The Walk is centred around community – creating safe, comfortable and inclusive spaces for people to

An Environmental Issue or a Social Justice Cause

Just like the Original Great Walk of 1988, and The Walkabout Walkatjurra – The Walk against Uranium Mining, The Great walk of Peace at it’s core is a walk to raise awareness to an environmental issue.

Whether it be discussions at local towns, a March to Parliament House, or brainstorming ideas as to what to do about such the issue – The Structure is provided to bring light to whatever issue the land is facing, and looking into solutions to how to affect change for the long term benefit of all beings, and especially the future generations.

Peace, Solutions, and Service

Peace and non-violence are fundamental principles of the Great Walk of Peace. From Ghandi, through Martin luther King, unto John Lennon, the precedence of Peace in present day revolutionary movements is paramount to their success. Whereas we under no circumstances expect people to be perfect in this regard, The central idea is for The Great Walk of Peace to provide a space for people to Learn, Practise and embody Peace in their day to day lives, as well as in part of a larger organisation.

As an organisation which will collectively be focusing on environmental issues, – as much as it is important to acknowledge the negative consequences of the issue in question, another foundational principle is to put focus and energy into fixing the problem, and finding solutions and ways of moving forward for the benefit of all involved and especially future generations.

When we are in service to others, we are in service to ourselves. When we can give freely of our time to the benefit of our fellow man, we invite an inherent humanity within us all. We are all in this world together, and the stresses of daily living can be relieved so easily with a very simple act of service.

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