Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

The Great Walk of peace arose from the seeds planted by a movement many years ago.
In WA 1988, several hundred people from all walks of life took part in a grand-scale trek
from Denmark to Perth. The Old Growth Forests of South West WA were being clear-felled.
Gigantic trees hundreds of years old were being felled and many were finding themselves
being turned into woodchip.
The people rose up in response to this, and ‘The Great Walk’ movement grew. Hundreds of
people joined the walk into Perth, and presented a Charter to The Premier Peter Dowding.
Soon afterwards Old Growth Forests were ‘protected’. The Great Walk Movement has
continued to this day, hosting bi-annual walks under the name ‘The Great Walk Networking’

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The Great Walk of peace came about as a way of taking the energy and vitality of the
original Great Walk and bringing it back into the present day.
Despite the success of the initial Great Walk, the vastly unsustainable logging and wood-
chipping of the South-West continued; as the definition of “Old Growth Forests” was
The original idea of The Great Walk of Peace was to raise awareness to the continued
logging of SW Forests, and to bring together a group of passionate individuals to inspire
Over time, ‘The Great Walk Of Peace’ has turned into a structural format, which holds a
developing number of central principles and pillars at its core; the idea being that ‘the Great
Walk of peace’ structure and philosophy can be used around the world to host walks for the
environment or significant social justice Causes.


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